The hardest question to wrestle with in Soundshapes is how much the experience of a game can derive pleasure when the actual playing is so simplistic as to become almost invisible. Because in truth the reason to play this title is not because it has amazing gameplay, in many ways that particular aspect is the weakest point, but for the sonic experience and journey it provides to the player through each level. Is this in itself enough to make it a worthwhile purchase, does it do enough to massage the simplistic mechanics into something more?

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Infinite Clicking and Its Effects on Society: A Diablo 3 (Sort-Of) Review

If you’re just looking for a review score (because you have somehow missed the rest of the internet for the past month or so), here it is: I give Diablo 3 an 8/10.

I’ll elaborate on that a bit, even though most of my complaints aren’t exactly new: first off, the game looks great. Visually, it’s a vast upgrade from Diablo 2 (as it damn well better be, considering the just-shy-of-twelve-year gap between the two). Character designs and surroundings are beautifully detailed, and even if there’s a certain amount of same-ness between various armor sets and dungeon maps within a given area, the game can be forgiven that given the sheer volume of content packed into it. It is, of course, a game that could go on forever, if you’d only let it. continue reading

Motorstorm RC Review

With the launch of a new system comes the opportunity to re-examine franchises that are showing signs of fatigue. Motorstorm debuted at the launch of Vitas bigger, home based brother and since then has had three further iterations and a PSP release, a set of circumstances that has seen its stock decrease under the weight of familiarity. Perhaps sensing this the latest version has taken a bold, and successful, step into re-crafting  its appeal for a format where short, sharp bursts are what is required while managing to provide another recognisable name for the launch of Sonys new handheld.

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Saints Row the Third Review

Thanks to a well known Internet podcast, the only phrase that really mattered this past holiday season was one concerning developer Volition’s remaining big franchise: you really should play Saints Row the Third. While living in the shadow of Rockstar’s premier series, Saints Row has been carving itself a different path where the improbable and the impossible crash together with an explosive force, realising that its best bet for the games to be more successful, and arguably more fun, is to embrace a silliness that its compatriots are simply too scared to attempt. continue reading

Boring Yarn Or Tall Tale?

Are you tired of slaughtering hordes of undead?  Getting frustrated by super-intelligent robots sniping you from 100 yards?  Do you just want a break from high intensity gaming?

Even if you don’t, I would suggest you brush off that little dust-gathering piece of equipment known as the Wii, and load up the game Kirby’s Epic Yarn. continue reading

Review: Nano Assault

I never played Nanostray, Shin’en Multimedia’s scrolling space shooter for the DS, nor did I pick up its sequel, Nanostray 2, so when the cousin of the family, Nano Assault, showed up for the 3DS, it nearly sailed right under my radar. It would’ve been a shame if it had, because while the game isn’t exactly the most complex or demanding experience around, it’s definitely an entertaining way to spend a few hours.

Like Nanostray, Nano Assault has you piloting a ship loaded with a variety of explodey-bits which you will use to blast your way through the waves of baddies blocking your path. Unlike Nanostray, though, Nano Assault takes the “Nano” part of its name a bit more literally by making your spaceship tiny, and your field of battle the infected cells of the human body. continue reading

Belated Review: Driver: San Francisco

[I wrote this the week it came out. I then had something of a gaming midlife crisis (again) and didn’t submit it. Consider it a review for a game you were waiting to drop to £19.99 for]

I used to wonder what it would take for me to become a ?professional’ games journalist. I hate my job but know a lot about games so, y’know, writing for a living could be fun, right? I mean, you get to play games all day and write about them! What could go wrong?! And even if you got a game that was utter fucking gash, you could lay into it because hating on shit is also fun! It’s a win-win!

But what happens when you get games that are, for want of any better description, only ?OK’? Forcing yourself through an abortion of a title is kind of fun, just so you can put the boot in, but what about those thousands of titles that fail to elicit ANY kind of response above a shrug and “…s’alright”? This is the problem I have with Driver:San Francisco. continue reading

Serious Sam 3: BFE Review

The timing of Croteam’s latest and greatest release couldn’t be more fitting with the overall theme of the game. It’s Sam versus so many triple-A video games in the real world this winter, and yet it’s Sam versus thousands of enemies in the virtual world. Serious Sam is back and he’s fending off Skyrim, Gnarrs and Zelda all at once!

Serious Sam 3: BFE stands for “Before the First Encounter,” so before any of you get excited with the theory of it being a pun, I can tell you for sure it’s not a pun on any Doom gun. This game takes you back to a time when Mental’s alien race invades planet Earth for a reason I couldn’t explain to you — but who really comes to Serious Sam for the “narrative” (if there was one to begin with)? continue reading

Uncharted 3 Review

The term “video game” is comprised of an active and passive discipline merged together to create a unified whole. For the most part, the emphasis has been on the game aspect and the interactivity that it can bring to the entertainment spectrum. Recently, the various attempts to insert cinematic disciplines have led to more titles seeking to provide a viewpoint that is as much framed in terms of an interactive film as a gameplay experience. Arguably, the Uncharted series is at the forefront of these recent phenomena in its attempts to place the player in situations that are as much akin to blockbuster films as they are to the standard platforming constraints of running, jumping and climbing.

This review mainly concentrates on the single player storyline and the experience felt through playing that. Multiplayer and co-operative modes exist and build upon the foundations previously laid down. If you’re reading this and are a fan of those, feel free to add a further mark onto the score below. continue reading

ReDork: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review


Chapter III

My Skyrim Collector’s Edition Story & Review


Ever been swiftly walking through a big area of crowded people that seem to despise the ground you walk on? Glaring intentionally (but “innocuously”) at the giant flashing sign that floats just above your head, pointing down at you, screaming “SCUM!” or “DORK WITH NO LIFE!” for some reason or another? Yeah, that was me on Friday as I was lugging my gigantic box of Skyrim through a busy shopping centre. I was slanted on one side, as I carried the heavy beast of a box through the masses of general public who judged me so harshly. Only a little slanted though, to show I’m at least semi-strong. So, was straining my shoulder and risking tomatoes and cabbage thrown at me, not to mention the price, worth it for some extra content with my copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? continue reading