Dorktunes 014 – Black and White

Here with the first Dorktunes of 2013, Pete and Matt present another ten tracks for your delight. We also have an interview with Joel Corolitz, the composer for the recent PS3 exclusive title, and Dorktunes favourite, The Unfinished Swan.

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Buoy Base – Underwater-Super Mario Galaxy-Mahito Yokota-2007
The Corruption-Darksiders 2-Jesper Kyd-2012
Rimushotto Bungie Jump-Frog Fractions-Twinbeard Studios-2012
Monroe’s Story -The Unfinished Swan-Joel Corelitz-2012
Lights Out-The Unfinished Swan-Joel Corelitz-2012
Empty City-The Unfinished Swan-Joel Corelitz-2012
Epilogue-Crysis 2-Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe-2011
Bringing Order to Kaos-Skylanders Giants-Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe-2012
The Farthest Land-Shadow of the Colossus-Kow Otani-2005 (2006)
Take Us Back-The Walking Dead-Alela Diane-2012


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