DorkCast Episode 9: Whiskers On Kittens


In lieu of doing a strict “Game of the Year” show, we decided to continue in the tradition of our podcast and use this week to talk about the things we did in 2012 that made the biggest impression on us, in gaming, reading, and watching. Some things are the same between all three of us, and some are radically different, but they’re all things we heartily recommend. Listen on to find out if you share our favorite things!

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Hosts: Leah Haydu, Sharon Shaw & Matt Ramsey
Producer: Leah Haydu

Links of the year:

Breaking Bad


The Sandman

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

The Unfinished Swan


Cloud Atlas

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Tiny Tower


The Walking Dead

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  1. Yang sitting at his desk, Qiang open big headphone volume in the songs, staring across the Luo Xiaowei’s desk, her look sad looking at documents, Qiang turn off the music off the ear and said: Lo junior sister apprentice, there What thing?

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