DorkCast Episode 7: Lowered Expectations


What happens when podcasters stop being polite and start getting real? Well…. we mostly just start rambling, really. Perhaps we should all take a step back and be a bit more careful with the weird, weird TV.

Also, there are koalas in this episode.

Please note: spoilers for The Walking Dead (the whole thing!) run from 2:26 to 35:47, so if you STILL haven’t played it, make with the skipping. This is probably the last time we’ll do this (with this particular game, at least).

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Hosts: Leah Haydu, Sharon Shaw & Matt Ramsey
Producer: Leah Haydu

Links to the stuff with the things:

The Walking Dead

Lego Batman

Borderlands 2

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin

Gotham Central

Artemis Fowl

Pirate Cinema

Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl?

Executive Koala

Adventure Time

Twin Peaks

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