DorkCast Episode 11: Zombie Ninja Pirate Wizards


After getting all of that vitriol out of their systems last week, Sharon and Leah welcome Matt back for a return to regular, slightly less angry show. So, to that end, fairy vaginas for everyone! (I only wish I was kidding.)

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Hosts: Leah Haydu, Sharon Shaw & Matt Ramsey
Producer: Leah Haydu

Tidy links:

Mass Effect 3

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Death Troopers

Hyrule Historia

So You Want to be a Wizard (sadly not by Duran Duran)


The Dollars Trilogy

Game of Thrones

Got questions? Of course you do! If you send them to [email protected], we promise to be gentle. Ish. Gentle-ish.

One Response to “DorkCast Episode 11: Zombie Ninja Pirate Wizards”

  1. Adam says:

    Out of all the Gonso Sphere/ Related shows this is the one I find most, Reliable engaging and interesting. Its broad in a nice way, like a long lunch discussion with friends. Also I like how you guys call out yourself when you might be close to stumbling. Like with how clear you with, that you are not Professionals but really insightful and good :D

    You might have a point, if you are thining it´s abit stupid (you clearly a Community Podcast) . But that is something that needs to be written down, shown, atleast somewhere, front and center. Otherwise I think there is may be a risk that people may be confused. Atleast I´ve been.

    This goes for all Gonzo-affiliated shows ( THE Gonzo show, Kane and Rinse, gamedork, (not so much Dorktunes becuase they dont discuss/opinionate). You guys don´t need to do it but, you might want to think about it ;)

    You guys also do this with Gonzo abit, but I think you are more clear with it here.

    If my stuff doesen´t feel like it fits, feel free to ignore it. I´m just throwing it out there in case. My views are only my own, and may not be real, but you have to throw them out There to be sure.

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