8Realms Beta Key Giveaway

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Jetpack Joyride review

For most iOS games, the basic fact is that they live or die by the controls implemented by the developers. The more complex they are, the tougher it can be to really hit that sweet spot of enjoyment; bad controls have killed many excellent concepts since the inception of the Apple App Store. Halfbrick Studios realized this more quickly than most with their first title, Fruit Ninja, as they successfully created a compelling experience consisting of simple swipes across the screen. The studio’s latest release is another game where ease of use appears to be the main mantra invoked, and once again the results are nothing short of extraordinary addictiveness.

Jetpack Joyride sees the player taking on the role of the bizarrely named Barry Steakfries, who decides to steal a jetpack from a research facility. Barry then promptly uses it to navigate from left to right through a series of obstacles in an attempt to cover the greatest amount of distance possible. Barry’s adventures are reminiscent of the mechanics used in Semi Secret Software’s Canabalt, with the tapping for jumping replaced with tapping or holding to create downward force to propel the player upwards out of the way of any impending dangers.
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