DorkTunes 19

DorkTunes 19 is here!

The tracks included are:

arigami style king cannibal crackdown 2 2010
will the circle (choral) ada habershon/charles gabriel bioshock infinite 2013
the slasher philippe sharron naughty bear 2012
main theme johan skugge battlefield 3 2011
l’homme kque jadore alison adams tucker the saboteur 2009
shine a light (flight facilities remix) c90s GTA 5 2013
main theme jesper kyd kane & lynch 2007
roses for nika jesper kyd hitman 2006
firestorm battle jason graves/rob apernathy star trek legacy 2006
light gavin harrison light – just a pixel 2014

DorkTunes 16 – Back Once Again Like the Mega Man Master


Before you start we know, it has been a little while. But that just makes you miss us all the more right? After some careful selections, parties and general new console crazyness it is time sit back and relax with another ten tracks of pure earjoy (we know that is not technically a word but we can try cant we?)


hotline miami – MOON – hydrogen – 2012
kingdoms of amalur – grant kirkhope – main theme – 2012
dear esther – jessica curry – dear esther – 2012
the last of us – gustavo santiololla – main theme – 2013
dead space 3 – james hannigan – a broken past – 2013
runescape 3 – james hannigan – village life – 2013
SKYWARD SWORD – KOJI KONDO – crimson loftwing – 2011
injustice gods among us – deans grinsfelder – main theme – 2013
NSMBU – superstar road – isiho mahuto – 2012
viva pinata – grant kirkhope – tranquil hours – 2006


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Mini DorkTunes – A Little Sampler


 It has been a while but the musical duo have returned with something of a teaser for the upcoming episode 16 of DorkTunes. So while you look forward to that enjoy this little offering.

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DorkTunes 15 – Thomas Was Not Quite Alone

Time for some more DorkTunes goodness to be fed directly into your earholes. We have a nice mix of new and old in this episode so please sit back, relax and enjoy.

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The Moon – Duck Tales – Hiroshige Tonomura – 1989
Lone Star – Sword & Sworcery EP – Jim Guthrie – 2011
End Credits – Double Dragon Neon – Jake Kaufman – 2012
The Descent – Tomb Raider – Jason Graves – 2013
Where Are You – Thomas Was Alone – David Housden – 2012
Freedom – Thomas Was Alone – David Housden – 2012
Overture – Banjo Kazooie – Grant Kirkhope – 1998
Flip a Switch – Qunatum Conundrum – Chris Bellew – 2012
Magical Sound Shower – Outrun – Hiroshi Kawaguchi – 1987
Will The Circle Be Unbroken? – Bioshock Infinite – A Hebershon/C Gabriel (arr. Marc Lecuestra, solo Maureen Murphy)


© 2008-2013 All rights Reserved.
Hosts: Pete Boyle & Matt Ramsey
Producer: Claireyjoe and Matt Ramsey
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Apparel of Choice


As the latest in a long line of heroes, the one now tasked with saving the universe from an eternal threat or vanquish the fire breathing recently unleashed foe demons, the main question is simple and often extremely important; what the hell are you going to wear? Do you go stylish, with extra touches to really bring out that sparkle in your eyes or more macho, to exemplify that sensation of dark brooding hatred festering inside you?

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DorkThrough – Asura’s Wrath: Chapter Twenty

As Asura is out cold Yasha holds off the impeding demonic army.



The hardest question to wrestle with in Soundshapes is how much the experience of a game can derive pleasure when the actual playing is so simplistic as to become almost invisible. Because in truth the reason to play this title is not because it has amazing gameplay, in many ways that particular aspect is the weakest point, but for the sonic experience and journey it provides to the player through each level. Is this in itself enough to make it a worthwhile purchase, does it do enough to massage the simplistic mechanics into something more?

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DorkThrough – Asura’s Wrath: Chapter Nineteen

While the 18 main chapters are on the disc, the true ending exists through  downloadable content spanning through chapters 19-22.

Here is the first of those chapters, where the true enemy is finally revealed…

GamerDork: Changing Times


As you may have been able to tell the last few months here at Gamerdork towers have been a little hectic. A little bit stop and start with some moving around here and there. But recently things have started to calm down, there have been some changes and a little shuffling around behind the scenes which has now led us to this announcement and where we are going next.

In a nutshell our esteemed leader, and friend, Xibxang has decided to take a back seat in the running of Gamerdork as a whole. What this has meant is that control has been passed to me, known on various forums and the blog as delb2k but in real life named Derrick Ritchie. Who is he I can theorise your thinking? Well I am another Scot, so we can at least tick that box, although to my eternal shame and general good health I cant admit to having as much of a penchant for the alcohol. I have been gaming for the best part of 16 years now, 17 once my impending birthday comes round and have always enjoyed the playing, discussing and general community of gaming. Writing in Gamerdork was my attempt to contribute to that community, something I want to continue for many years to come. Starting on a good old Amiga 1200 my gaming journey has taken me through nearly every console out there and provided me with many experiences I could never get anywhere else. The magic and awe that gaming provides and inspires in me to write and create, even as I slowly slip into my dignified old age, is still as strong as ever.

But doing this is a little tricky. Which is why we need you. If you have ever felt creative and wanted to do, well, anything then we want to hear from you. It can be written, drawn, spoken or mimed if you so desire, there are no rules or stipulations as to content as long as it is entertaining and involves gaming. And that is any gaming, from video to board to all the aspects in-between. We want to provide you a platform to express yourself, we already have fantastic writers on the team but always enjoy finding new talent and bringing that to a wider audience.

Which leaves the Gamerdork podcast as the final item on the list. There are plans afoot from Leah Haydu on this front as to the what the cast is going to morph into and become in the near future so keep your eyes and your ears peeled for an upcoming blog post. Dorktunes is continuing and is going from strength to strength under our friends Noob and Matt, expect much much more from them over the coming months.

To contact me about any ideas you have or desires to contribute email me on [email protected] or on twitter at @thenewdelboy.

We want to hear from you, and thank you for reading.

DorkThrough – Asura’s Wrath: Chapter Fourteen

After disabling the Brahmastra Yasha is called into action to protect a village back on the surface. But his work provides results he never expected.