Fresh blood for the GamerDork podcast

First of all, I’d like to apologise to everyone for the lack of GamerDork podcasts of late. I’ve taken a new job recently (yep, yet another one) and I’ve been throwing myself headlong into it. This one brings fresh and interesting challenges, many more opportunities and ultimately much more money. Being a full time podcast host and editor brings its own demands for time and resource and sadly, it’s now clashing with my new career position. Effective immediately, I’m stepping down from the full-time role at the GamerDork podcast.

This doesn’t mean that the podcast is finishing up, though. Our chief blog editor and co-host at Some Other Castle, Leah Haydu, is going to step in as the main host and with her, she’s going to bring a fresh and rotating crew which we’ll tell you about soon. I’ll still be appearing every so often as my time allows and as far as I know, so will Uzi. Of course, I’ll still be a core member of The Super Happy Fun Time Show so if you enjoy my inane ramblings then you shouldn’t have to wait long to hear them!

The lads at Last Save Loaded and DorkTunes are still going to produce shows under the GamerDork banner and once I get myself settled, I’m going to continue with the Caledonia Boarding podcast with Ragman_kd. The blog will also continue to run and – believe it or not – I’m going to write some more! For the next couple of weeks though, it’ll be all about settling into the new job.

The new new GamerDork podcast will use the same feed as the old one. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll record a new episode and I’ll officially hand the reins over to Leah and the crew. Leah has some strong ideas for the new format and while it won’t please everyone (this is the internet, after all), I’m sure it’ll quickly find its own audience. For now though, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who made podcasting as fun as it is. I’ll buy every one of you a beer if we ever find each other standing at a bar.

What is it they usually say at this part? Upwards and onwards? So yeah, what they say.

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