DorkTunes 16 – Back Once Again Like the Mega Man Master


Before you start we know, it has been a little while. But that just makes you miss us all the more right? After some careful selections, parties and general new console crazyness it is time sit back and relax with another ten tracks of pure earjoy (we know that is not technically a word but we can try cant we?)


hotline miami – MOON – hydrogen – 2012
kingdoms of amalur – grant kirkhope – main theme – 2012
dear esther – jessica curry – dear esther – 2012
the last of us – gustavo santiololla – main theme – 2013
dead space 3 – james hannigan – a broken past – 2013
runescape 3 – james hannigan – village life – 2013
SKYWARD SWORD – KOJI KONDO – crimson loftwing – 2011
injustice gods among us – deans grinsfelder – main theme – 2013
NSMBU – superstar road – isiho mahuto – 2012
viva pinata – grant kirkhope – tranquil hours – 2006


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Producer: Claireyjoe and Matt Ramsey
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One Response to “DorkTunes 16 – Back Once Again Like the Mega Man Master”

  1. Putraman says:

    Glad to hear DorkTunes’ comeback!

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