DorkTunes 15 – Thomas Was Not Quite Alone

Time for some more DorkTunes goodness to be fed directly into your earholes. We have a nice mix of new and old in this episode so please sit back, relax and enjoy.

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The Moon – Duck Tales – Hiroshige Tonomura – 1989
Lone Star – Sword & Sworcery EP – Jim Guthrie – 2011
End Credits – Double Dragon Neon – Jake Kaufman – 2012
The Descent – Tomb Raider – Jason Graves – 2013
Where Are You – Thomas Was Alone – David Housden – 2012
Freedom – Thomas Was Alone – David Housden – 2012
Overture – Banjo Kazooie – Grant Kirkhope – 1998
Flip a Switch – Qunatum Conundrum – Chris Bellew – 2012
Magical Sound Shower – Outrun – Hiroshi Kawaguchi – 1987
Will The Circle Be Unbroken? – Bioshock Infinite – A Hebershon/C Gabriel (arr. Marc Lecuestra, solo Maureen Murphy)


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One Response to “DorkTunes 15 – Thomas Was Not Quite Alone”

  1. I love your podcast,

    Not only do I get to listen to great music, but Ialso find out about games I didn’t know existed.

    Keep it up!

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