GamerDork UK 32: What’s a Demiurge?

It's GamerDorkUK!We’re sans Jay this episode. Poor thing wasn’t feeling well just before started recording so we sent him back to his gimp box with bread & water to recuperate.

However, Cory “Demiurge” Banks from the Gamers with Jobs was kind enough to stand in and give us some of his chat. Hear us discuss what we’ve been playing along with our views on Microsoft’s recent announcement that they’ll be discontinuing Xbox LIVE support for the original Xbox on the 15th of April.

3 Responses to “GamerDork UK 32: What’s a Demiurge?”

  1. Steven Jones says:

    Great show guys, helped of course by a great guest :)

    On the subject of playing downloaded games and in particular gamesroom, do we know how that works? You see until now your ‘arcade classics’ have been written to run directly on the 360 hardware. is it possible that gamesroom is introducing a software layer between the games and the console? Therefore new games released for gamesroom would be reliant on the software foundation staying the same, which is something that could be maintained between hardware releases meaning ahything you bought for gamesroom for the 360 would continue to be runnable on the [720] or whatever it ends up being called once they’ve written a new ‘gamesroom platform’ for that hardware?

    I’m assuming a lot there and also giving Microsoft a massive benefit of doubt, but if that is what they have done it’s fantastic! Anyone know anyone as MS who would be able to find out that sort of thing?? I guess it would basically be a MAME for Microsoft systems. The fact that you can play the same arcade games on the PC would suggest that is is some kind of emulation wrapper though.

    Of course in a super dooper ideal world it would be an external system that could then be written to run on all consoles and you could then play the same arcade games on which ever system you are on provided you’ve paid for the core software on that platform and own a licence for that particular arcade game.

  2. Pacroid says:

    There is just something about American podcast that I don’t like, (NOT ALL) I think this is the reason why I listen to European and Australian podcast.

    This “guest” comes across has that guy, that no matter what story you tell about a certain subject, he always has a better story to trump it. “I went across street”-” well I went across town”- “I went to London” – “Well I’ve been to Japan and Brazil and tomorrow I’m flying to Russia and after that I’m going to the moon”

    The gamerdork podcasters are very genuine and modest. This guy can’t toot his horn hard enough and seems to love any talk about what he is involved in.We have this and we have that. I mean you can talk about what you re doing without having it sound, “I’m better than you” attitude. The whole conversation with this guy just rubbed me the wrong way.

    Its the same with the 1Up podcast and the David Ellis guy, man that guy loves himself way too much and he’s never wrong and wants everyone to know it. But I like Garnett and he seemed to balance out the Pompest that is David Ellis.I was sad to see him leave the show 1up. I can’t wait for him to start his own podcast.

    I’ve never heard of Gamers with Jobs podcast, but apparently 10,000 people love them. After listening to this I will go give them a listen and see if the show feels like this one guy. I always enjoy being wrong about something and having this one interview to base a opinion of him seems a little unfair.

    Still enjoyed your guys part of the show, always entertaining.

  3. Thanks for the feedback chaps.
    Pacroid, I have a lot of English buddies who feel exactly as you do about US podcasters. Personally speaking I don’t find it to be the case with most of them and Cory was incredibly apologetic when he felt he gabbled on & was a genuinely warm & friendly guy.
    In fact all the US guests I’ve worked with so far (including Chris Remo, another who I have heard criticised for ‘ego’) have been similarly down-to-Earth, I think maybe there’s just more of an accepted ‘persona’ angle to broadcasting in America? You know, think of the cliched US TV gameshow host all big gestures and overbearing speech patterns!
    I think all podcasters have a certain amount of ego & desire to get our views out there otherwise we wouldn’t do it. I have heard some say that they find Gamers With Jobs a little smug, but I’ve also heard that said about The Digital Cowboys & they are two of the sweetest guys you could meet (though again, they have just enough confidence in what they have to say as to want to get it out there for people to hear).
    But sure, there are plenty of podcasts I choose not to listen to because I don’t like their style.

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